Recruitment Notice List

Recruitment of post-doctor researchers for next-generation energy materials lab.

User Information
Field of Research Electricity/Electronics > Cell/Battery
Field of Recruitment Li-ion batteries, Supercapacitors, Li-Air batteries, Fuel Cells, Vanadium Redox Flos Battery
Number of Vacancies 0 persons
Recruitment Process Doctorate
Experience No prior experience required
Annual Salary To be determined after interview
Location Total, Seoul
Work Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00

The next-generation energy materials (NGEM lab) of Seoul National University of Science and Technology openly recruits competent talented person as follows.


   - Recruitment of post-doctor researchers (post-doc.) to conduct electrochemical research in the field of next-generation energy storage devices and materials.


   - Ph.D can apply.


   - E-mail for detail

Recruiting Officer Information

Career Experience
Person in Charge Kue-Ho Kim Contact Information Contact Information is confidential E-mail