Overseas Researcher Testimonials

Overseas Researcher Testimonials

Testimonials of Dr. Peter Verwilst from Belgium

Staying in Korea during 2016.10.15 ~ 2019.10.21. in Korea University

I have always had a strong interest for research at the intersection of chemistry and biology. During my career prior to the KRF program I kept up to date with research by reading research and review papers. Several key papers in my field were published by my KRF host, and I felt this specific topic was something that I was not only interested in but felt I could make a real contribution to as well. Furthermore, the high ranking of Korea University, combined with the international reputation of my host and Korea’s reputation for excellent science and strong research funding attracted me to apply for a position at Korea University.

The KRF program, combined with my KRF host’s trust in my skills, allowed me to craft a path for myself. This program allowed time for the crucial processes needed to become an independent scientist. Interactions with my host and colleagues at Korea University and other
excellent collaborators at Korean research centers guided my scientific vision and because of this I became really intrigued with a research topic that I now pursue in my current position. The KRF program organized several meetings that, apart from their multidisciplinary scientific value, also contained several talks and reflection moments with BP researchers on becoming an independent researcher, building a long-term career, and the challenges surrounding this. The sum of my own scientific advances in the team of my KRF host, together with the financial and career-building support of the KRF program led me to securing my current tenure-track position.

I strongly encourage overseas researchers to apply for the KRF program. As a KRF fellow the program allows you to build and expand on your personal network via workshops and cultural excursions with international and domestic researchers. The unique 3-5-year duration of the fellowship gives job security, so you can fully focus on your research and career development. The program provides a very competitive renumeration and additional benefits (housing, insurance, language classes, …) and a platform to facilitate moving to and living in Korea.
Testimonials of Dr. Chatanun Eamudomkarn from Thailand

Staying in Korea during 2018.10.01 ~ Now in Chungbuk National University

I was introduced to my host PI through a Ph.D. advisor in Thailand and was fortunate to be selected as a KRF fellow. Cheongju, where I live now, is a small and comfortable city. When I came to Korea, I was pleasantly surprised by the well-equipped research lab and the excellent teamwork between researchers. The KRF program supports fellows with their housing allowance, so you can enjoy a stable life while you fully focus on your research. The host PI and lab members helped me with settling down in Korea, as well as with improving my research performance. I look forward to achieving great research results through the KRF program.
Testimonials of Dr. Jiwon Kim from U.S.

Stayed in Korea during 2016.02.15. ~ 2020.02.29. in Institute for Advanced Engineering (IAE)

KRF is a very important program, as it helps foreign and Korean national researchers who lack knowledge and experience with the research environment in Korea to build a support network and lay the foundation for success with their initial research in Korea.
I believe that KRF serves as a bridge between foreign researchers and Korean universities/research institutes, and it provides opportunities for overseas researchers to establish themselves as researchers in Korea. I believe that this program can be a valuable opportunity for many overseas researchers, since fellows may have a chance to get a job at the host institution after completing their KRF tenure, as was my case.
Testimonials of Dr. Francois Rameau from France

Stayed in Korea during 2015.12.15. ~ 2020.02.29. in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: KAIST

Joining the KRF program was a fantastic opportunity to develop my career. The 5 years of support offered by the program allowed me to focus on long-term projects which are usually not approachable for most post-doctorates, and the program (the KRF) helped me to build a national network with other Korean researchers and professors. DaeJeon, where I am (currently) residing, is a perfect city for research and family. Also Daejeon is very safe place and has great public order as well. is a perfect city for research and family. The city takes pride in its public order and security, and the people are very friendly. I strongly recommend the KRF program to young foreign researchers.
Testimonials of Dr. Kaoru Kashima from Japan

Stayed in Korea during 2019.08.01. ~ 2020.07.31. in Korea institute of Geoscience and mineral resources: KIGAM

I am an invited researcher via the Brain Pool Program at the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources in Daejeon. Thanks to its excellent research facilities and having the utmost support from my host institution, the research outcomes to date have exceeded expectations. I live in Daejeon, where many government-oriented high-tech laboratories are concentrated, and the vigorous exchange of research can be seen between research institutions in the city. I highly recommend the Brain Pool program for high-profile scientists overseas for furthering their career development in Korea.
Testimonials of Dr. Larina Liudmila Leonidovna from Russia

Stayed in Korea during 2019.08.01.~2020.07.31. in Chungnam National University

I conducted my research at KAIST from 2017 to 2018 under the BP program, and was selected for the 2019 BP program after re-applying with a new host PI through Chungnam National University. I conduct research in the field of solar energy and nanotechnology, and the research lab of my host institution is very well-equipped, so I can carry out my research smoothly. My lab has researchers of various nationalities, and everyone can communicate in English. It is great to collaborate with the large number of excellent students and researchers here, and we plan to continue our joint research after completing the BP program.