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  • Announcement [RPIK] Using Free Board as you want! webmaster | Dec. 14, 2020 1:06 (PM) | Hit: 239
  • Welcome to RPIK!


    We are so glad to have you on RPIK.

    RPIK always will be here for you to make you have wonderful opportunity in Korea.


    RPIK is the platform for networking between researchers from abroad and institutions/labs in Korea.

    For fostering communication, we operate Free Board on Community menu.


    On Free Board, you can ask about anything about related to research in Korea.


    You may wonder how is the research environment in Korea like, information of local area which your institution located or institutions/labs you applied for.

    About those things, anyone can ask, anyone can answer on Free Board! 

    Also, administrator of RPIK always try to answer your question.


    So please kindly that use Free Board and other boards such as 

    Hobbies, Regional Stories, Life in Korea, Hobbies, Overseas Talent Matching Testimonials on Community menu.


    Share your curiosity with us and get an answer from RPIK :)


    Many thanks!


    P.S. If you have any inquiries on system operation, please leave your question on Q&A board on Support menu. 

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