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Multiscale Polymer Design Lab Kongju National University Machinery > Nano/Micro Machine System (University) / Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

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Name Jung-Hoon Yun Phone Number +82-41-521-9255 Email

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Significant Papers

  • Multiscale modeling and its validation of the trans-cis-trans reorientation-based photodeformation in azobenzene-doped liquid crystal polymer
  • Photo deformation in azobenzene liquid-crystal network: Multiscale model prediction and its validation
  • Enhancing Packing Density and Maximum Elongation of 2D Stretchable Wavy Circuit: Effect of Section Tilting., Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
  • Effect of packing density on maximum stretch ratio of stretchable wavy circuit
  • Enhancing stretch ratio on cross-section of wavy circuit in stretchable devices

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